Automotive today = Complex Distributed Systems

Cars that don't take advantage of modern IT are now practically extinct. With each new generation of cars more features, aids, and entertainment options are added. What was previously simple, independent devices such as speedometer and radio, has now become complex distributed systems that exchange data with each other, interact with their environment, and grow step by step through the integration of additional devices and functions.


As additional functions are integrated, the requirements on the architecture, the software, and the understanding of complex systems grows.


Our years of experience in planning, development and analysis of complex IT systems provides our customers, which include both automobile manufacturers and automotive suppliers, with a vast reservoir of know-how and skills.


At ITXperts we have both the technical fields of design, implementation, analysis and maintenance, as well as the individual layers of hardware, operating systems, networks, middleware and application covered.

Special requirements

Even with special requirements in new fields, or with third-party systems, we are productive within the shortest time. The short learning curve required by our experts comes into play here as well as our ability to cooperate with our close network of external experts from various fields.