Project: Head unit including premium entertainment und navigation

The Head Unit is the central control for navigation and entertainment. For this, basic functionality and Applications for specific tasks (resource management, navigation, DAB, Speech, etc.) are needed, in order to integrate the distributed nodes, such as Amplifier, DAB, navigation, etc., into the system and to control them. Thus in addition to the development of applications, the creation of appropriate communication and test frameworks is essential for efficient development.


  • Integration into a given, distributed in-car system with MOST / CAN communication

  • Development of the central resource management of a MOST-based entertainment system

  • Development of efficient tracing and trace analysis tools

  • Development of a flexible simulation framework for accurate simulation and testing of Head Unit Applications on normal PCs away from the Head Unit.

Benefits introduced by ITXperts

  • System-wide analysis in a distributed system

  • Efficient, intelligent (and thus error-free) implementation of the specifications

  • Familiarity with distributed systems meant that common problems were taken into consideration and gaps in the specification could be targeted

  • Prompt implementation of change requests


  • MOST communication
  • CAN communication
  • C++, object orientation
  • Templates
  • Code-generation
  • Wireshark-Plugins