Project: Instrument cluster software for multi-function display of a premium manufacturer in different variations

The instrument cluster acts as a central control and provides a multi-function display for various additional functions. For this, basic functionality and applications for specific tasks are needed in order to integrate the functionality into the system and to control them.


  • Development of tools for automated resource and code generation

  • Development of PC-based simulation environments for the instrument cluster software

  • Support for diverse instrumentation variations (from premium class to compact class)

  • Development of efficient tracing and trace analysis tools

  • Head Unit integration of external components

  • Runtime and memory optimization of various components (e.g. extension of a communication stack in a multi-processor system)

Benefits introduced by ITXperts

  • sophisticated HMI concept

  • extensive experience in development and integration of combined instruments

  • extensive experience in multi-processor systems

  • Prompt implementation of change requests (by resource generation)


  • CAN communication
  • shared Memory communication
  • Code-generation
  • C++