DCI digital cinema

Providing the cinemas with movies or LIVE content

ITXperts is developing a sophisticated appliance for offsite digital cinema storage. The dcimovies specification is focussing on storage setup locally in every cinema. Therein a PULL access scheme has been defined. Using that the media block pulls data files out of the local storage and synchronises them to establish the real time data streams used for the projector, the audio subsystem and so on.

ITXperts' patent pending technology enables the content providers and the cinemas to use remote storage, despite the high demand for throughput. Among the many advantages of such a storage setup is the ability to provide the cinemas with LIVE content, e.g. major sports events.

Please learn more about the advantages of our approach by reading the RSP vs. lokales DCP-Archiv document. For an english version of this document pls. feel to contact us.