Having years of experience in developing edge of technology products, designing system and kernel software in the UNIX domain, delivering support for mission critical systems and installations, ITXperts is offering a set of products for the Telecom Carriers.

Designing solutions for complex IT-Installations we are not only system integrators, but system developers providing innovative modules and concepts to build new solutions.

ITXperts delivers highly reliable, carrier-grade Telecoms Platforms. The product range extends from entry level ISDN IVR platforms, SS7 based Network IVR, classic IN System, large scale Clustered Solutions, to Next Generation SoftSwitches with integrated Signalling and Media Gateways.

ITXperts provides key technology and modules for OEMs and IT-Companies based on our profound know how in UNIX system software development. The main areas of development are Storage Solutions and SAN Networks, FibreChannel Technology and Protocol Stacks. The new challenges of the VoIP technology is also a driving factor of our development.