IT Solutions Overview

A result of the history of the ITXperts core team we see ourselves primarily as a solution provider. Based on decades of experience in product and software development for major IT manufacturers, our focus has always been on solutions. That is, implementing the requirements under the specified conditions.

We support our customers, beginning with idea generation, through realization (project management, implementation), to the solution going live.

ITXperts offers its customers "solutions without limits". When designing the solutions ITXperts may push the boundaries of the traditional application environment without getting lost in the details, because ITXperts has the best expertise in all software layers including the operating system, kernel, and cluster middleware. This allows the other layers to be incorporated in order to:

  • deliver simple and efficient solutions with optimal cost-benefit effect
  • optimally adapt and tune the resulting solutions


With the know-how that we acquired in the 90s in the development and maintenance of various system components of multi-processor UNIX operating systems from various manufacturers, we were, at the beginning of the new millennium, capable of making significant contributions to the development of a storage product from a well-known German IT manufacturer. Successor versions are to this day used successfully worldwide and employees of ITXperts GmbH still provide maintenance and further development.

The success after the launch of the storage solution was essentially down to the fact that it had been possible to integrate the then latest hardware and software technology (such as Fibre Channel, a proprietary parallel cluster file system, and proprietary middleware) in a distributed system solution. The employees of ITXperts made a significant contribution towards this success, both conceptually and also during realization.

  • Fibre Channel connectivity
  • Object Request Broker
  • High Availability

IT Solutions today:

With the variety available today of often 'free' software components that can be integrated in system solutions, the trend is, not least due to time and cost reasons, going more and more toward integrated solutions. The implementation of this requirement should not be underestimated, but ITXperts GmbH sees itself as being ideally positioned. Through the historically evolved, sound knowledge, of the processes in the software layers, and experience, in various projects, dealing with and integrating third party products (databases, application servers, web connectivity), we are also in this area a competent, reliable, and vendor-independent solution provider.