Carrier Class Solution for Legislation Change For Callers On Hold

Everybody has experienced the frustration of telephoning for customer assistance and hearing the announcement that says, "...please wait for the next available agent". Waiting for premium rate hotline staff is particularly annoying due to the expense for the caller. The German Federal Council has now given the green light for revisions to the Telecommunications Act:

  • Consumers will only pay for phone calls to all special numbers when they are connected to an agent. Queues may be used only on special numbers in the future, if the called party pays the costs of the queue or if the entire call is subject to a "single drop", fixed charge.
  • These rules will enter into full force one year after the amendment to the Telecommunications Act came into force. There are transitional arrangements that can be used in the interim.
  • The new rule is part of a draft law on the amendment of the Telecommunications Act, which the Federal Cabinet decided in March last year. The Bundestag approved the changes to the bill last October.

Telco specialists at ITXperts in Munich have developed a range of technical solutions to help Carriers comply with the new legislation. Supported switch architectures include EWSD, Marconi System-X and a number of other TCAP/INAP enabled platforms. Next Generation technology has been used to devise a cost effective solution that can be rapidly deployed within existing legacy switching environments. Please contact ITXperts sales team to arrange a meeting or conference call to further discuss the best solution for your environment.