Compact softswitch

Next Generation IN Services Today

Tecaro Compact SoftSwitch (CSS) is the realisation of industry trends towards a converged network. Whether your network comprises of fixed line, mobile, VoIP or all three technologies, Tecaro CSS delivers seamless applications that are quick and cost effective to develop and maintain. Rebalancing Network Economics Following the post deregulation telecommunications boom, the Telco industry now faces a time of economic instability with demands from Internet IP transport technologies that are progressively skewing core revenue streams. Internal and external pressures to launch and support Voice over IP (VoIP) services are both technically and financially challenging. TDM techniques, for providing today's value add services such as Intelligent Networking (IN) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR), do not directly translate into tomorrow's IP world. Current technologies are not cost effective when delivering today's bursty, non - blocking traffic loads and are not directly compatible with tomorrow's converged, telephony and data, public networks. The deregulated telecommunications market is extremely competitive; the high cost of maintaining (Opex) existing network technology serves only to compound the problem of falling profit margins versus rapidly increasing traffic profiles.

Your Safe Profitable Route to Convergence

Tecaro CSS addresses both the technical and commercial problems facing modern Telcos. Rather than using a conventional multi - layer (separate voice and data) network approach to network convergence, ITXperts has designed a single resilient platform to deliver Next Generation services via existing legacy TDM and future IP networks. Tecaro CSS delivers 'value added' services on today's TDM infrastructure, protecting revenues and investment during the migration to tomorrow's converged IP networks.

Features & Benefits:

  • Modular, Resilient, Compact SoftSwitch
  • Scalable, Segmented Architecture
  • IN Extensible
  • Native VoIP Application Support
  • Legacy Network Support (SS7 & ISDN)
  • Standard Modular Services
  • Rapid Deployment for New Services
  • Complete Call Detail Records
  • Web GUI for Statistics Reports
  • Economic and Future Proof
  • Secure Web Interface
  • Integral Protocol Conversion
  • Multiple Codec Support
  • Built on Industrial UNIX Systems
  • European Development and Support Teams

Tecaro CSS Modular Architecture

A scalable Tecaro Compact SoftSwitch (CSS) comprises of a segmented array of Tecaro Switching Nodes (TSNs). This flexible approach facilitates system maintenance and enhancements in a live non- stop environment with a minimum of degraded performance and provides a highly fault tolerant platform. A single TSN segment can be taken out of service with the loss of only 8 E1 circuits across the CSS. Mixed protocols and signalling standards can also be accommodated across the CSS with support for resilient connectivity to multiple switches in different regional centres. Each Tecaro segment provides 240 TDM channels, together with 240 IP channels and up to 32 signalling links in a single sub-chassis. High port density CSS systems are constructed with multiple TSN segments mounted within Carrier Grade 19 inch racks. In this mode the TSN segments appear as a large clustered system with a unified datafill and administration interface across multiple nodes. Each TSN segment is simultaneously provisioned with the same service, configuration and user data. For enhanced resilience the Tecaro CSS platform can be distributed over multiple regional switching centres. If TSNs are deployed across more than one site a private cluster data link is used to synchronise operations and to ensure the integrity of datafill operations. Up to four sites can be configured to work in cluster mode for the ultimate in scalability and fault tolerance in the event of local catastrophic failure within a switch centre. Multi - SSP connectivity is fully supported. It is recommended the TCNs are parented on at least two switches.


  • Next Generation IP IVR
  • IN Service Delivery (VoIP & TDM)
  • Number Translation
  • Number Portability
  • Black/White Lists
  • VPN/Centrex / IP Centrex
  • Network ACD
  • Protocol Conversion
  • VoIP/TDM
  • VoIP/VoIP
  • IP Service Node Applications Services
  • IVR
  • Tele-voting
  • Auto Attendant
  • Voice Forms
  • Virtual Call Centre
  • PSTN to VoIP Gateway
  • Network Call Recording (VoIP & TDM)
  • Voice Mail and Unified Messaging
  • Telephony Switching / Least Cost Routing
  • Web Call Back (VoIP & TDM)
  • Calling Card Platforms / Prepaid Services
  • VoIP and TDM Inter - networking
  • Transcoding
  • Protocol Conversion
  • Lawful Intercept (VoIP & TDM)
  • 3 Way Calling and Tele-Conferencing
  • Anonymous Call Rejection

Tecaro NG Applications

Tecaro CSS is supplied with pre - configured standard IN Services and flexible IVR Services. These services include:

  • Number Translation (IP & TDM), including Time of Day Routing
  • Network IVR Services (IP & TDM)

Tecaro Applications are easily configured; using a web based administration interface and a service flow chart, services can be quickly tailored and customised. The speed of deployment and flexible use of the modular architecture is a key tool to building customised services, focused on individual customers' desires, making the services attractive to end customers and improving customer retention. Tecaro Applications are built using modular packages and follow a common interface. The modular design of Tecaro Services allows for the stacking multiple sub-services to build more complex solutions. E.g. An IVR service might offer a selection of options, then branch to an Auto-Attendant service which again branches to a Tecaro Voice Mail service, so as to implement a service to cope with an overflow condition.