IN System

Tecaro 3rd Generation IN (3G-IN)

Designed in-house by ITXperts, Tecaro 3G-IN is an innovative approach to the delivery of classic Telco applications. 3G-IN is a true 3rd generation product, directly benefiting from the team’s implementation work with earlier generations of PTT deployed IN platforms. System features include:

  • Carrier Grade Architecture (Multi Site, Multi Switch Implementation)
  • Resilience Through Dual Computing Elements (CEs)
  • Load Sharing Architecture
  • Scalability (2 – 128 signalling links / 200k to >2000k BHCA)
  • True Real Time Moves and Changes
  • Robust Web Based Administration User Interface
  • Self Healing Data Manipulation
  • Real Time Web Statistics
  • Billing Output (Flexible Format)
  • Carrier Customisable Applications using Service Independent Building Blocks (SIBBs)

End User Web Interface for:

  • Self Provisioning
  • Statistics and Reporting
  • White Labelling for Resellers

Tecaro 3G-IN has been designed for deployment in the following roles and modes:

  • Standalone System (Public Point Code)
  • Integrated with Legacy SSP/SCP (Public/Private Point Code)

Integrated with the ITXperts’ Tecaro family of Carrier Class products:

  • Tecaro Compact SoftSwitch (CSS)
  • Tecaro Network IVR (NIVR)

IN Services

Tecaro 3G-IN platform supports the delivery of a wide range of revenue generating, value added services:

  • Charge Advice
  • Carrier Interconnect Control (Trunk Tariff Optimisation)
  • Number Translation (E.g. Freephone, Premium Rate & Split Cost)
  • Selective Routing (Black & White Lists)
  • Number Portability (All Call Query & Prefix)
  • Network ACD
  • Network Surveillance

Time to Market and Network Economics

3G-IN from ITXperts is flexible so you can augment existing network infrastructure when deploying new, stand alone, services when the need to trial new IN applications arises. The cost of updating legacy IN systems to cope with today’s service demands can frequently outweigh the cost of deploying a dedicated 3G-IN system from ITXperts. By deploying integrated IN applications on a dedicated system a carrier can minimise the risk to core revenue streams, supported by mainstream classic IN platforms.

Although ITXperts supplies and supports a comprehensive suite of pre-built applications for use with Tecaro 3G-IN, a start-up system can be ordered with cut down functionality to match the budget and initial requirements of a specific project.

Service and Support

In order to maintain Carrier Grade reliability and to safeguard value added service revenue streams, ITXperts provide a tiered approach for Maintenance and Support:

Tecaro Gold

  • Managed service, Customisation of Tecaro 3G-IN service builds, datafill of 3G-IN Services On Demand (Via Web Request)
  • Proactive Hardware and Software Fault analysis, Platform Maintenance
  • 24 x 7 Support Team
  • On-site Support for Critical Fault Resolution

Tecaro Silver

  • Problem Analysis and Fault Resolution
  • 24 x 7 Support Team for Priority 1 Failures (System Down)
  • Four Hour Response Time

Tecaro Bronze

  • 5 x 8 (week days, office hours) Support Team
  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Access to Knowledge Base Via Fault Tickets



ITXperts’ commissioning team will supervise the delivery and installation of the Tecaro 3G-IN platform. After hardware and operating system tests are completed the software modules ordered by the customer will then be pre-loaded prior to final acceptance including signalling and inter-working tests.

The platform is supplied in standard Telco form factor racks; the minimum configuration is two 3G-IN nodes and one (optional) Statistic Server node, redundant IP-Switches, Secure Console Server (all in single rack).

Minimum interconnect requirements:

  • Four SS7 Signalling links (STP)
  • Dual 100 Base T, Ethernet (internal DCN and secure remote access)
  • Redundant DC and/or AC power feed

The ITXperts’ commissioning team has significant experience in rapid integration with third party switches and telecoms infrastructure across Europe and the Far East. Multi Protocol Analysis tools can be mobilised to assist with the real time resolution of signalling standards issues (INAP/TCAP/ISUP etc.).

Server Architecture

  • Industrial UNIX Operating System (Solaris)
  • Dual Power Supply (DC/AC), hot-pluggable
  • Hot Replaceable SCSI storage drives
  • Multi CPU Server
  • Full MTP1, MTP2, MTP3, TCAP and INAP Stack Support
  • 2 to 32 Signalling Links per CE (2 x CE per 3G-IN SCP)
  • Quad Gigabit Ethernet LAN Interface