Network IVR

Tecaro N-IVR (Network Interactive Voice Response)

Tecaro N-IVR is a flexible service delivery platform for value added telephony applications. ITXperts' next generation Carrier Class intelligent service platform has been built from the foundation of a highly reliable, web provisioned, multifunctional service node. Tecaro N-IVR provides resilient and functionally rich IVR and Network Call Centre services and has now been extended to become an IN controlled Carrier Class network system with future proof extendibility.

Future Proof Technology

Integrated Technology:

  • Speech recognition and DTMF (Touch Tone)
  • Natural Speech Engine (Talk to me)
  • Voice over IP
  • SoftSwitch gateway or generic SoftSwitch technology
  • Flexible billing support
  • Email and SMS
  • Multi-media options (Fax to Email conversion, etc.)
  • Proven telephony subsystem and SS7 stack
  • Carrier Grade Architecture (Multi Site, Multi Switch Implementation)
  • Resilience Through Dual Computing Elements (CEs)
  • Load Sharing Architecture
  • True Real Time Moves and Changes
  • Robust Web Based Administration User Interface
  • Self Healing Data Manipulation
  • Real Time Web Statistics
  • Billing Output (Flexible Format)
  • Carrier Customisable Applications using Service Independent Building Blocks (SIBBs)
  • End User Web Interface for: Self Provisioning Statistics and Reporting White Labelling for Resellers

Short Time to Market

Tecaro N-IVR utilises a superior service creation concept which allows the customer to build new services rapidly and efficiently, by selecting and linking building blocks from a dynamical web forms environment. The Tecaro N-IVR enhanced creation environment helps the customer to concentrate on the functional elements of a service to be deployed thereby avoiding the drudgery of filling in complex and lengthy, less interesting platform details and settings. Tecaro ensures that the new service will be right first time and can be launched immediately, riskless and guaranteed to work. New functionality, like speech recognition is seamlessly introduced to the dynamic forms environment and does not necessitate the data build team to go on yet another training course in order to make full use of the latest service extensions.

Secure Real Time System Management

Tecaro N-IVR supports the following real time facilities:

  • Service Updates
  • Service Data Changes
  • Announcement Replacements
  • Numbering Plan Changes

The features above are supported on all on live systems irrespective of actual load conditions and the current resource limits. ITXperts' telephony systems have featured this functionality for more than five years. The core of the Tecaro system has been designed to allow real time changes in a “secure” environment consisting of strictly modularised functional sections, that by design cannot impact live call processing. This concept has proven successful even under the exacting requirements of excessive administration activity and during heavy traffic load conditions. Tecaro systems do not suffer from failures caused by real time upload operations.

Although generally speaking carriers prefer to perform software and service updates out of hours, Tecaro has proven that the integral secured update mechanism is fail-safe and that fall-back is reliable, thorough, complete and fast. In excess of one hundred software upgrade revisions have been applied at live customers and not one failure of the built-in update or fall-back procedure has been reported.

Carrier Class Technology

A strict modular system design, of the Hardware as well as the Software architecture, ensures a graceful degradation of functionality and/or capacity in the case of a service affecting failure. The software design and the layered interfaces have proven that the system is robust and expandable without constant revision of the hardware platform. ITXperts has introduced many new functions to the current IVAS platform, scaling from small service improvements to large new concepts, such as the cluster implementation and call throttling.

Tecaro N-IVR Service Functions

Many of the following standard service functions can be used in isolation or in combination to construct sophisticated services in a short development/test cycle:

  • Audit Trails Call Volume Restriction
  • Variable Ring Time no Reply Timer
  • Web Reporting
  • Nested Menu Services
  • Limited Timed Response Recordings
  • Auto-Attendant Service
  • Emergency Shut-down Features
  • Network Information Centre
  • Single Announcement Services
  • Voice Mail
  • Voice Forms
  • special routing functions
  • real time announcement recording and replacement
  • SMS notifications

Tecaro Call Control - Route Optimised Call processing

Tecaro Call Control is a true IN system used as a front-end to optimise Tecaro N-IVR platforms. Tecaro Call Control can also be used as a standalone IN system, providing classic IN services, such as NTS (number translation services), call cost announcements, a number portability service and similar services.

Service and Support

In order to maintain Carrier Grade reliability and to safeguard value added service revenue streams, ITXperts provide a tiered approach for Maintenance and Support:

Tecaro Gold

  • Managed service, Customisation of Tecaro N-IVR service builds, datafill of N-IVR Services On Demand (Via Web Request)
  • Proactive Hardware and Software Fault analysis, Platform Maintenance
  • 24 x 7 Support Team
  • On-site Support for Critical Fault Resolution

Tecaro Silver

  • Problem Analysis and Fault Resolution
  • 24 x 7 Support Team for Priority 1 Failures (System Down)
  • Four Hour Response Time

Tecaro Bronze

  • 5 x 8 (week days, office hours) Support Team
  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Access to Knowledge Base Via Fault Tickets


ITXperts’ commissioning team will supervise the delivery and installation of the Tecaro N-IVR platform. After hardware and operating system tests are completed the software modules ordered by the customer will then be pre-loaded prior to final acceptance including signalling and inter-working tests.

The platform is supplied in standard Telco form factor racks; the minimum configuration is two Tecaro N-IVR nodes and one (optional) Statistic Server node, redundant IP-Switches, Secure Console Server (all in single rack).

Minimum interconnect requirements:

  • Four SS7 Signalling links (STP)
  • Dual 100 Base T, Ethernet (internal DCN and secure remote access)
  • Redundant DC and/or AC power feed

The ITXperts’ commissioning team has significant experience in rapid integration with third party switches and telecoms infrastructure across Europe and the Far East. Multi Protocol Analysis tools can be mobilised to assist with the real time resolution of signalling standards issues (INAP/TCAP/ISUP/ISDN etc.).

Server Architecture

  • Industrial UNIX Operating System (Solaris)
  • Dual Power Supply (DC/AC), hot-pluggable
  • Hot Replaceable SCSI storage drives
  • Multi CPU Server
  • Full MTP1, MTP2, MTP3 and ISDN/ISUP Stack Support
  • 2 to 32 Signalling Links per CE (2 x CE per NIVR implementation)
  • Quad Gigabit Ethernet LAN Interface