The Tecaro platform

As the operator of a telephone network, you will be regularly confronted with customer requests to implement telephone services, and through the use of standard components it is often not possible to respond with individually tailored solutions.

The power of of your phone network and the diversity of the needs of your customers can be joined together through the Tecaro platform:

  • the Tecaro platform is a proven and robust basis for the implementation of telephone network services

  • ITXperts can provide the know-how to meet the diverse needs of your customers with individual options

The Tecaro platform supports the following basic technology

  • Menu services, voice messaging, language forms or caller-specific switching in SS7-ISUP or ISDN environment

  • Number translation (LNP) using SS7 TCAP and INAP

  • The bridge between traditional PSTN and VoIP

and allows the realization of a variety of individualized services that can run simultaneously side by side on the Tecaro platform.

The telephone services will be rounded off through

  • Interactive, web-based administration

  • Timed offline processing of mass data

  • Statistical analysis of service usage

And to secure the ongoing operation we offer maintenance services, naturally, tailored to your needs.